Project - the alpha 'pi'rex

just thought I’d introduce my next project, the alpha 'pi’rex robot.
just need to program him now!alph 'pi'rex

That’s awesome! Did you use the NXT-2.0 kit? This would be something we haven’t even touched on: humanoid robots. We definitely need to get one in our projects section!

well, its been some time…but my students are taking this project on… I only got as far as making him start to move.

Do you have any help for using the sound sensor? I am unable to find any on the site?

Hey Alisone, I don’t think we’ve done a module or example for the sound sensor yet. Do you have the older orange version?

its the one you can see in his hand in the photo…

Hey Alisone, the microphone is an analog sensor. I think you should be able to read it using the example here:

It’s called “”

The microphone is an analog sensor and should show you a level between 0 and 1023 I think.