Query with modifying your own image

As I have been having problems generating my own hotspot and streaming video from my robot I decided to come at the problem from the other direction.

I have got an image working that creates a hotspot and streams video so I thought I would now modify it to add in the BrickPI commands .

I have followed the instructions to modify my image, should this script have created a folder BrickPI Python containing the file brickPI.py?

I can see that there is a copy of this in the high altitude ballooning project folder. Is this the one to use or should I be downloading it from somewhere else?



Hey Steve,

First, be sure to clone the entire BrickPi and BrickPi_Python directories into your Pi.

The script you’re looking for I think is under the BrickPi_Python/ main directory.

I wrote up a detailed tutorial for brickpi python with streaming video on my blog over the holiday, this might help.