Raspberry Pi 3 Built-In WiFi on Cinch

Hey everyone,

when I am on my rpi3 with cinch I have no ability to connect to the wifi using the built-in card with the brickpi3 connected. I have yet to remove it to see if it’s because of the brickpi3 - if so, I will need a wifi dongle to connect over wifi yes? When using a wifi dongle I can connect, and without, checking settings through bash does not give me a wlan0.


Hi @ajavdk,

At the moment, Cinch can’t use the built-in WiFi.

Good thing is, we already have a working solution for it and ready to be merged into Cinch project. There are just a couple of more tests we need to do and it’s all done.

We’ll let you know when it’s done on this thread.

Thank you!

Hi @ajavdk, we’ve just put a beta from work this weekend. This is still a beta version, there may be a bug we haven’t worked out (as of Jan 2018) but you can download it here. Look for the file “2018.01.29-BETA_Dexter_Industries_CINCH.zip”

Would love to hear how it goes!