Raspberry pi 4 for BrickPi3

Hi there,is Raspberry Pi 4 supported by BrickPi3?

No it’s not. Physically the RPi4 has a different layout of it’s connectors, so it won’t fit the BP3 case.

From a functional standpoint, the RPi4 seems to work fine with BP3, except for updating BP3 firmware. RPi4 will only boot the latest version of Raspbian (Buster), and Raspbian for Robots hasn’t yet been updated to Buster, so you’ll have to boot with Buster and manually install BP3.

Thx. Are you guys going to update Raspbian for Robots soon?

We plan to update Raspbian for Robots to Buster, but we don’t yet have a timeline. Meanwhile it’s very easy to manually install the BP3 software on standard Raspbian. You can simply run:
curl -kL dexterindustries.com/update_brickpi3 | bash
as described here.

Is there a specific application where you need to take advantage of the extra features and processing power of the RPi4? Due to the significantly higher power requirements of the RPi4, the RPi3 is much better suited for most battery powered applications.

Well, i’m getting interested in machine learning and i plan to do sth insteresting with lego by using intel’s Neural Compute Stick, so i think it’s necessary to update RPi3 to RPi4.

Hi,for the reason i mentioned above,can i use jetson nano for BrickPi?

Nope, if I’m not mistaken

The Jetson Nano is not supported. It would be a lot easier to use RPi4, based on form factor, power consumption, and the existing drivers and software support for RPi.

If you need to use the RPi4, I suggest that you simply install the BP3 software on Buster. If you need to do a BP3 FW update, you could use a RPi3. It’s been a while since a FW update was pushed for the BP3, so you probably don’t need to worry about it.

Something else you could consider, would be to use the RPi3 (or RPi2 or even RPi B+) with BP3 as a slave to a more powerful processor. You could use a network connection (perhaps IP sockets) for communication between the master (any computer) and slave (RPi with BP3).

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