Raspberry Pi Camera and Brick Pi

Can a Raspberry Pi camera be attached to a Pi 2 when the BrickPi is in place

Yes. It shouldn’t block the ribbon port out. You’ll need to run it between the boards though.


With new fully enclosed Brick+ case is it still possible to route the camera cable out.


Hey Poweruser, we have to look at that! Really good question, I don’t know, but I’ll give it a shot.

It is possible… :slight_smile:

Hi,Thanks but your photo is the older BrickPi not the new six sided BrickPi+ that I was enquiring about


I also want to know the answer to this question. Can the Raspberry Pi camera be attached with the upgraded case?

Maybe yes and maybe no, it depends on what you want to do with the camera. The camera ribbon cable can exit the enclosure above the top of the LAN connector but there isn’t much room for the cable to flex - so a static camera will be fine (subject to ribbon cable length) but a panning camera on a swivel / tilt mechanism would struggle.

Hope that helps

Hey Folks, sorry for the long wait here. I have just taken some photos of connecting the camera through the BrickPi+ Case. I ran the ribbon through three different openings:
1). The Ethernet Port Opening. I think this is the neatest and cleanest way to run it.

2). The HDMI port opening. If you need to get to the side.

3). Through a gap in the BrickPi+ case. This is the most adaptable way to do it, I think.

More Pix.

Awesome. Thanks for the reply. That looks perfect for what I want to do with it.