RaspberryPI reboots when running 2 motors at full speed

I have attached two motors to the BrickPI, and as soon as I enable both of them at speed 255 the RPI reboots. I am powering the board using a power adapter, so maybe that has something to do with it?


It does sound like a power issue. Which board are you powering, the Pi itself, or the Brickpi?
And what voltage is your power adapter giving?

The brickpi expects 8 AA batteries. Powering the Raspberry Pi with a cell phone charger is not enough (I’m not sure that’s what you’re doing though)


Hi Cleo,

Thank you for your response. It appears to have been a wiring issue. I am now able to run the robot with the battery pack quite nicely.

Thank you.

YEAH! Thanks for coming back here and letting me know.

Could you describe what the wiring issue was? In case it happens to someone else in the future.


Ooops, I did the horrible thing of not being helpful to others in the future.

Long story short - I tried connecting the battery raw wires to the raw wires coming out of the BrickPI power connector. They were too short, so it was hard to keep them connected well. I am guessing that when the robot moved it had enough instantaneous acceleration to dislodge the wires and cut the power off. I ended up buying two DC adapters like this https://www.adafruit.com/products/369?gclid=CjwKEAjwp-S6BRDj4Z7z2IWUhG8SJAAbqbF3DD-X4W-vsAH5yuarSk05i0r8rs_4yLG0sJJlIodu6BoCWQrw_wcB - one female, and the other male. Once I had them connected with adapters all power issues disappeared.

Thanks for the follow-up. Sounds like you needed nice debugging skills to figure this one out! There’s not much I could have done to debug this without holding the project in my hands.
And those are nice little connectors. Adafruit does great stuff, don’t they?