Raspbian for Robots - Buster - Pi4

We are releasing an experimental version of Buster today!

You can read about the changes here:

Why experimental? Because there’s a LOT to test! We tested basic functionalities and it’s all good. Is it possible that some rare sensor out there will not work out of the box? Yes, it’s possible.

If you feel inclined to try this new Raspbian for Robots - Buster we will be paying close attention to bugs reported through support@dexterindustries.com

Thank you everyone!

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I was just going to ask you folks about Pi-4 compatibility. . .

Are any other versions of Raspbian for Robots compatible with the Pi-4?

Hello Jim

only this version of Raspbian for Robots works with a Pi4. It will work with all pis in fact but we haven’t tested with the Pi1 to be honest.

DexterOS isn’t ported to the Pi4 and we don’t have immediate plans on porting it.