Raspbian For Robots PiOS Oct 17, 2020 Beta: MySQL mysqld?


  662     1  5.5  0.1 /usr/sbin/mysqld

I don’t recall seeing the MySQL daemon running on the Stretch version of R4R.

Is this a PiOS or R4R process?
Is it part of the Apache server?
Does R4R use MySQL for something?

@mitch.kremm Any Ideas on this? No responders in two months.

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Sorry I missed it …

MySQL is pre-installed on R4R because there are a couple of projects that make use of it.

you can remove it and get that 0.1% back without affecting anything


Cool. I won’t remove it, just going to turn it off until needed.

Thanks, it was strange seeing 25-30 DB listeners and I couldn’t see any user records.

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Such as?

It would be interesting to know what needs a MySQL database on R4R.