as RASPBIAN STRETCH has been released already about 1/2 year from now and is supposed to work stable nowadays, is it now meanwhile supported also for BrickPi3 C++ ?


Hi @HaWe,

Most likely yes, but we haven’t tested it yet on it. Just about yet.

Thank you!


thank you, would you please make a (global) notification as soon as Dexter fully supports Stretch to brickPi3? Several arbitrary C(++) program- and lib-updates meanwhile are targeting just Stretch, not Jessie any more.


Hi @HaWe,

Generally, when we make a change to something, we let everyone know through a pinned post on the forum or by writing about it (whatever it is) on our website.

Hope that makes it up for you.

Thank you!


any update about BrickPi3 on Stretch? (actually don’t see a pinned post yet)


Hi @HaWe,

We already support the BrickPi3 on Stretch. Just run the following command:

curl -kL dexterindustries.com/update_brickpi3 | bash



thank you, that is the same command as for Jessie AFAIK.
I was just missing your announciation about Stretch after that has been requested already some months ago.
Finally you wrote that you would let know everyone about a possible Stretch support by such a public pinned notification.


Hi @HaWe,

Yes, that’s correct. You run the same command on both distributions (Jessie and Stretch).

That’s weird that you’re not seeing the pinned post. We have launched Raspbian For Robots on Stretch some time ago (more precisely on 18th of May). Here it is:

Now my question is, are you not seeing it in the feed?

Thank you!


which “feed”? tbh, I’m always just looking here in the forums, no where else, and so I expected this notification actually to be seen as pinned post in here.
Additionally I am not interested in “Raspbian fo Robots”, I always have a standard Jessie or Stretch from NOOBS or from the Pi download website, and then install all my pograms and tools on top of that.

(BTW, can you please disable this annoying “I am no robot” captcha? That is the main reason why I usually don’t even log in here any more…)


Unfortunately, no, we can’t disable it. It invites too much spam and other issues. As you can see, our forums are pretty clean, and we definitely want to keep it that way!


Quick question: are you a robot?


there are far simpler captchas, just having to enter a couple of chars or numbers of a small bitmap picture…

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