Recharge batteries possibile?


I would like it if BrickPi had rechargeable batteries that can be recharged using a small solar panel on top of the BrickPi. I want to make it seek/detect light places when the batteries are low and stay there until it’s batteries are fully charged again. Is that possible right now? If not, is it possible to adapt the BrickPi to make it possible? What would I need to make it myself? (I’m not very technical, more a software guy.)



You would definitely need to do some wiring and hardware hacking. It might be small, but you would need to attach a 9V solar panel of course, and probably add in some diodes. It’s not terribly hard, but the charging part would be the hardest part.

For sensing, you could hack together a simple light sensor. You could use the LEGO light sensor, or use a breadboard and CDS sensor.

Hopefully I didn’t scare you away from the project?

Hi Admin,

sounds scary to me, but I might get someone to help me! Thanks for the info! Any chance a future version of the BrickPi will include this functionality?


Let us know if we can answer anything specific as you work on your project!