Remote controlled simplebot


I like to share with you a video of my simplebot that can be remote controlled with infrared TV remote. I used modified simplebot_speed example program where I added USB keyboard decoder that reads /dev/input/event files and decodes keycodes. Bot has wifi adapter so I start bot program over network with ssh. I also made PS3 sixaxis remote controlled version (I demonstrate it later) that works over bluetooth - bot has also bt dongle.

Link to YouTube video

I can share the C program source if anybody interested.

Raspberry Pi is powered by USB traveling battery back and NXT motors are powered by 6xAA NiMh.

This is fantastic! What a great project, especially fun because it uses the tv remote to control it.

Would you mind sharing the code and project information? This would be a fantastic project to merge into our BrickPi projects on Github.