Removing SD card

Do I have to disassemble the BrickPi3 case in order to get the SD card out?

Hi @dexter3,

No, you don’t have to disassemble it to take out the micro SD card. You can do it while the Pi is put inside the case.

Thank you!

How can I get the SD card out when the RPi is in the case?

Hi @dexter3,

Well, there’s a slid (on your case) through which you can pull out the micro SD card out of the Raspberry Pi.

You might probably want to have a look at the videos we have with the BrickPi3 and see that there’s an opening for the card.


I can see there’s an opening but how do I get the card out? There doesn’t seem any way to get hold of it.

Hi @dexter3,

I’m not particularly familiar with the BrickPi3, but we can ask @Matt about this thing. What do you think Matt?


It’s not convenient to remove when the case is assembled, but the SD card can be pulled out with a pair of tweezers.

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To make it easy the next time, you can attach a label to the micro SD card: