Rev 1 BrickPi?

Is it possible to exchange the Rev 1 BrickPi for the “newer” version? My apologies if the confusion is on my part, I was not clear on what I was purchasing. I am honestly, not comfortable making my “home modifications” to a product I just purchased. I would think this needs to be a solid constructed device considering it is robot that will (hopefully not) crashing into things.

Many thanks,

Close P.

Hey Close P, Not sure what you’re referring to here.
Rev 1 / Rev 2 usually refers to the Raspberry Pi version. Rev 1’s were released over a year ago by the Raspberry Pi foundation.

Are you referring to the BrickPi Basic and BrickPi Advanced? If so, there’s really only one functional difference between BrickPi Advanced and BrickPi Basic: the power supply. The BrickPi Advanced has a longer battery life: it has a more advanced power management system. So you won’t need to hack at it or make home modifications.

Did you get your BrickPi through our Kickstarter or through our website?