Rookie mistake - "upgraded" brickpi+ firmware into brickpi3

I’m very new to this, so be gentle :stuck_out_tongue:

I own a Brickpi+

I remember vaguely doing so a few days ago using the dexter updater.

I noticed the “brickpi_python” folder went missing after.

Is there a way to verify it? is that reversible?

Hello @nizan.geller

First I want to make sure that I understand what happened.

  1. you have a BrickPi+ (that part is pretty straightforward)

  2. you ran a DI Software Update by clicking on this icon:

  3. Did you click the “Update your Robot” by choosing BrickPi3 ? Or just update Dexter Software ?

  4. Was the BrickPi+ attached to the Pi at that moment?

  5. the brickpi_python folder got missing. But is there a BrickPi+ folder instead?
    The Python files are now found under BrickPi+/Software/Python


Hello @cleoqc,

1 - correct
2 - correct
3 - both. first I clicked the “update dexter software” after the update I selected the brickpi3 and clicked clicked “update the robot”.
4 - yes
5 - correct

So it seems all is fine then.
the brickpi_python folder is now under the BrickPi+ /software folder.

Everything should still work. The BrickPi3 firmware cannot be flashed on a BrickPi+ so nothing actually happened.

Are you having a specific issue?

Thanks for all the help, now I’m relaxed


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