RPi Bare-metal code [Request]

Good Afternoon,

As can be seen on the git repository, all the libraries for BrickPi are provided for some OS. For the current implementation, I want to have a bare-metal code for RPi to handle Lego Parts. Unfortunately, I have to write my own code and do a lot of testing. This is a request for supplying the bare-metal examples. Help would be highly appreciated.


Not sure what your looking for Ali; what do you mean by bare metal? The code for running on the Pi is in different languages; python, c, etc. And this is really just interpretation and communicaiton on the serial line. The code for running the BrickPi (the older version) is up on Github as well; written in C/Arduino. That’s about as close to “bare metal” as we have.


I better elaborate my request.

I am not talking about the code that we write to BrickPi (BPi). I am talking about the code that we write to RaspberryPi (RPi). For example, I don’t want Linux on RPi. Which means I can either use assembly or c compiler for ARM to compile my code written for BCM2835 on any machine and then copy it with bootloader on RPi. I want a bare-metal code for RPi (like you provide for BPi) which is able to control Lego actuators/sensors through BPi in a predefined manner. In other words, I want a code similar to https://github.com/dwelch67/raspberrypi but which directly allows us to control Lego actuators/sensors (through a simple API) hiding all the commands that are sent between RPi and BPi.

I hope you got the idea.

Hey Ali, I think I have a better idea. We don’t have any bare-metal code for the BrickPi. I’m sorry about that!