S1, S2 giving errors with NXT Ultrasonic

Hi! I’m a high school robotics teacher, teaching with Lego + BrickPi3 + python (among other things). My students are starting a unit on sensors.

I have a brand new BrickPi3 where S1 and S2 only throw sensor errors when running the NXT ultrasonic example code (python). The code runs fine on S3 and S4. The code runs fine on S1 for other BrickPi3 units I have. Is this a manufacturing error? Is there something else I should try?



Would you tell us what pi you’re using, what software you downloaded, and how things are configured?


Hey @jimrh - I’m using a RasberryPi B+, with the official release of Raspian for Robots linked here: Install the Image on The Raspberry Pi
We are connecting with patch cables and using VNC. The example code I was running was just that which is loaded in Raspian for Robots already - which appears to be the same as the ultrasonic sensor example on github. There’s no other special configuration I have set up.

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It looks like you have things set up correctly with the correct OS release.

Have you tried swapping the brick-pi boards among the Raspberry Pi’s?

Does the problem follow the individual brick-pi board or a specific Raspberry Pi?

If one particular brick-pi board has this failure, regardless of the pi it’s plugged into, and all the Pi boards work properly when connected to the other brick-pi boards, then the one brick-pi board is defective.

Let me know what your test results are.