Saving Files

How can I get my code off of the BrickPi, to share on this forum say, or just to have a copy for safe keeping?

(Midori running on BrickPi seems to have a nice interface for uploading, but the forum rejected that “for security reasons:” …)

To get a file off your BrickPi, you can move it onto a USB stick. Does that work?

To get a file on the forums, I recommend renaming a c or py file to a txt file. For security reasons, we can’t upload python.

Thanks, will try the file extension renaming to get the code to the forum.
Seem to ALMOST have AFT/netatalk running so that I can make my mac (or laptop) my primary code storage repository … seems to be ALMOST working.

Good news, AFP server running so I can see my Pi from the comfort of Mac Finder per the below:

…will still hope to also figure out how to mount my mac disc on the pi, would be nicer to edit code from the comfort of my OSX desktop.

Hey, really glad you got it working! Bravo! Thanks for sharing the links with us!