Scratch setup Confusion

I have had my brickpi for a while, and I’ve only ever known how to program in scratch. However, when I try to open BrickPi_Scratch_Start, it says there is a connection error. I got my raspberry pi as a gift, with the OS pre-loaded onto the micro-SD card, so most setup tutorials are not useful. I have a raspberry pi B+ with brickpi, and I have some NXT 2.0 Motors and Sensors (NOT EV3). The text in the file of instructions of how to properly open scratch for brickpi on my OS is not helpful either, because I am not knowledgeable enough on the raspberry pi OS to conduct the instructions. If anyone in Dexter Industries sees this, could you possibly give me more straightforward and/or simplified instructions of how to set this up?

Hello @skulluigi51152 and welcome to Dexter Industries!

The instructions are written for people who use Raspbian for Robots. Am I right in assuming that you have the standard OS (called simply Raspbian) or possibly even NOOBS ? That’s what comes on preloaded cards if you do not get them through Dexter Industries.

If this is indeed your situation, I would recommend getting Raspbian for Robots. It comes with everything already installed, and has many tools to help newcomers. You can buy a Raspbian for Robots SD card or you can install it yourself for free by following those instructions:

The instructions may seem scary at first but they don’t bite.

If you really don’t want to change your SD card we can walk you through a proper install but it will be more complex.

I’m happy you’re joining us! Welcome to BrickPi!

Thank you so much Cleo. I didn’t even realize that was the problem. I don’t want this $100 machine go to waste, so you’ve saved me and my gift giver time and value. I’ll get to it right away!

You’re most welcome. We’re here whenever you need to ask questions. Don’t be shy and have fun!

Hi, Newcomer to Brickpi, have just modified my current Raspbian image and gotten python to work fine - reading sensors and running motors using the python testcripts :wink:

However, scratch is not working yet - probably because I’m not using the Raspian for Robots. Is there a manual or description you can share how to (re) configure scratch to work with BrickPi as well ?

Thanks !

I do believe Scratch is only available on Raspbian for Robots as it requires quite a few things to be installed.
Raspbian for Robots is free if you install it yourself. We have a tutorial to help you with it