Scratch Support of a line follower sensor NXT / EV3

Hi community,
I got myself … aehh for my son :wink: a brandnew line follower sensor NXT / EV3 from mindsensor.

Maybe i should have asked before buying the sensor was a bit hasty but I allready mounted it below our BrickPi tank and want to include it within scratch. Question: Will the sensor be supported? regards rob from sunny vienna!

Hey Robertk, we don’t have any support for this sensor. I am very sorry!

Thanks John!
Hmmm, The Line Follower is an I2C sensor, does Brick Pi have a API to read from i2c?
It would be very simple to use if there is a i2c read available.

Hey Robertk, No problem, again sorry for the bad news.

There’s an I2C example in Python here:

This is for another I2C device we sold a long time ago; the principles should be the same though. It’s definitely possible to control a sensor over I2C!