Scratch with BrickPi

We are new to Brick Pi at our high school. We bought a preimaged BrickPi and now are trying to use Scratch with Brick Pi as our students are most familiar with this software. Unfortunately when we click on the icon it returns an error and we haven’t done anything but plug it in and try to open Scratch. Anyone seen an “out of the box” problem with Scratch running for Brick Pi?


Hey Sarah, what’s the error you’re seeing? Is it “Scratch connection error, Retrying.”? If you’re seeing this, you just need to start Scratch, in particular a BrickPi example with Scratch.

Yes that is what we are seeing! I am not sure what you mean though about running the BrickPi example to start Scratch. We just clicked on the icon on the desktop. How do I find that? Thanks so much!!