SD card not being recognized

I have the Raspbian for Robots SD Card, but when I put into my PC, it doesn’t get recognized. Is this a problem with my PC or is this problem related to the SD card itself?

Well you said the magic word, PC. So yes it is your PC. See windows has issues with SD cards with OS’s on them. In order for your card to be detected on your computer I’m guessing you’d need drivers maybe?

I do find it a little odd that it doesn’t detect it though. I have windows 10 and it detects it is there at least… Anyways doesn’t matter what Windows thinks if your Raspberry Pi boots up does it? Anyways I replied to your other post on how to get your robot running, so I’d try that before thinking your card is broken or anything like that.

@ducruto, as @graykevinb points out the card is based on linux and you won’t be able to see the entire file directory when you are reading it from a PC. You will also get an error from a windows PC about it. That is indeed expected!

actually it is possible to read Linux partitions (ext2, ext3, ext4) from a Windows PC using some special file managers, e.g. those:

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