Sensor stays in configuring state

I’ve a brickpi3 and I’m coding in C.
I’ve connect a EV3_INFRARED on the port_1.
I’ve sent the BP.set_sensor_type (port_1, SENSOR_TYPE_EV3_INFRARED_PROCIMITY)
Waits 20 seconds.
when I call BP.get_sensor(port_1, & data) I get 2 as return code (CONFIGURING).
The dump of the first spi_array_in are (as integers)
0, 0, 0, 165, 26, 2
My versions HW : 3.2.1. SW : 1.4.3.
Is there is mistake in my process ?

Oups, connection issue solved.
We can close it.
I’m testing many sensors now.

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