Serial Protocol documentation?

I’m trying to write a Clojure library for the BrickPi and I would like to know if the Serial protocol used when communicating with the BrickPi was documented somewhere?

I tried to make sense of it from the C and Python libraries to no avail.

I’ve already succeeded in establishing a communication over the port /dev/ttyAMA0, and got the motors to turn by sending some instructions I found here (, but I’m too lazy to read the rest of C or Python code… :slight_smile:

I think providing good docs for the serial protocol would be great for the development of libraries in other languages (I myself would be interested in writing Clojure, Erlang and Ruby libraries).


Hey Jell, really cool idea!

Let me see if I can rustle up Matt who might be able to help with this. I agree, I wish we could provide better documentation about how the serial protocol works.

Hey there, I would still be interested in the docs for the serial protocol. Any update on that front?

Hey Jell, sadly no progress on getting a unified document together about how the serial protocol works . . .

We do have a little progress on the Ruby and Erlang programming languages for the BrickPi. Folks have added those to the collection.