Serve BrowserBot Client code on PI?

Is it possible to keep Browser_Client_Code.html on the Raspberry Pi Tornado Server? This would be much easier to use from an iPad or iPhone. On these devices you must save the file in an app like Dropbox and view the page inside the app.

I think this can be done by setting up a static file handler, but I am new to Tornado, and still trying to grasp the basic concepts. Any help on hot to do this would be appreciated!

The browserBot example works very well with another product of ours, the GoPiGo: You should try that out and make it work with the BrickPi which shouldn’t be to hard.


That’s exactly what I was looking for! This shouldn’t be too hard to do.

Hey xor31, glad we could help out here. Thanks Karan!

Let us know what you do with this! When you get to where you’re going, a pull request would be really appreciated or a show and tell!