Setting up a Wifi Dongle

So, I have recently tried to make my Raspberry pi a BrickPi. after downloading DexterIndustries image, I then got to the stage where my RPi needs to enter the command git clone Now an error tells me that I need to get internet connection. So, i bought a WIFI dongle. I then tried setting up the files. I launch the icon on the screen, wpa_gui. When I launch it, I cannot connect to the internet at all. It brings up nothing, apart from in the status bar, it reads, wpa_supplicant cannot get status now, I’m pretty sure this is the problem, so if anyone can please help then do so. Another alternative i though, was if i could download the files on my laptop, and somehow format them onto the SD Card. If anyone knows I would really appreciate a reply, as I need to enter into a competition in a weeks time and need this program I am trying to program to be done.



Hey Sam,

Maybe the easiest way to get around all this is to just stick your Raspberry Pi with an ethernet chord attached to your wifi router.

However, quick question: the problem with the Wifi Gui was supposed to be solved with the latest release ( and downloading either of the two files that start with the latest date, 2014.03.03_Dexter_Industries_wheezy . . . .

Were you using this latest date?

thank you.

The wifi dongle seems to be working now :slight_smile:

thanks for your help

Great! Glad it’s working!