SHH into brickpi3 for setup (ethernet cable necessary or no?)

Hey all,

Just wanted to know if I can simply SSH into the robot for setup with NO ETHERNET required. If so, what are transfer rates like? Thanks!


Yes you can. Except you will first need to connect to a wifi network. For that you’ll need to boot up your Pi with a monitor, keyboard, and mouse. After that you can ssh into the pi.
You can do it through the web browser. Dexter Ind has a nice tutorial for that:

Or you can ssh in with pi@dex.local

Also check out cinch.
Cinch is like raspbian for robots except it creates a wifi hotspot. You can then connect your computer to that hotspot and ssh into the robot.

As far as transfer rates go, I wouldn’t worry about it. I hear that they are about 50 mb/s. As far as my experience has been the wifi works great. I can ssh into my robot with no lag.

So if everything is connected and turned on I can just

ssh pi@dex.local

with no ethernet cable or any other kind of setup required?

With cinch, you don’t need to use an ethernet cable. You connect directly over wifi, in a tethered configuration. If you’re concerned about speed, I would go with the ethernet cable.

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