Shipping date?

Hi there,

Where is the best place to track expected shipping dates and whatnot ?
Also, I funded at the brick pi + case level - what are my options to upgrade to the more efficient power supply ?

Hey Ivar!

  • Shipping dates: we’re running about a month late on these. We announced on Jul 17th, will begin shipping the early backers on approximately April 16th. We will Begin shipping the Basic and Advanced starting August 29th. You can see our update (and apology) here on our posted update.

  • Tracking: For the rewards we’ve shipped (stickers and names) we’ve announced their shipment. We’re still considering a system for how to track our shipments of the BrickPi. We’re obviously going to want to get them out as quickly as possible, but we do want to communicate our progress. We will probably make the announcements through KS updates.

  • Making a switch: When we send out surveys, we will leave a space for notes and requests. If you want to upgrade to the better power supply, we’ll try (we really will try) to accomdate that request.

Hope that helps answer your questions!