Shipping to Europe

I tried to buy a brickpi, but when I have to enter my address, I don’t see my country in the list… I’m in france. I see “french guiana”, “french polynesia” and “french southern territories” which are very far from france.
Is there a way to get it shipped to france (in europe)?



YES! We have a distributor for Europe here:

Please let us know if you have any troubles with availability! We’ve been working closely with Generation Robots to make sure that BrickPi is available to Europe as well!

What type is Generation Robots shipping? Does it contain a case and basic power suply?

Hey Shaddix, GR is shipping BrickPi Basic packages at the moment. They should be coming with 9V battery adapters as well as the acrylic case.

are u shipping to Belgium?or i can use to ship from us to europe

i want to buy the BrickPi Starter Bundle and i dont think the distributors are selling bundles like that, what can i do in this case?as i said im from belgium

Hey Stefan, we have tried to talk to them about carrying the BrickPi Starter Bundle. I will update everyone if we make some progress.

so its not possible at this moment;that is not a blocking matter since i can use
companies that ship to europe from hubs in US.

i just order it and send it to an borderlinx account in dayton OH when it will arrive in the hub i will send it ti europe.i will let you know maybe this method can be used further more by others.

I’ve not seen any update to this topic so I ordered mine directly from Dexter Industries (and I got customs on my back)