SimpleBot on Pi3



Where can I find the Python SimpleBot code on the BrickPi3?


Hi @bullerwj,

Unfortunately, we don’t have one for the BrickPi3, but we have one for the older board.

What you could do is to rewrite the program by yourself and then try it out on the BrickPi3. Mechanically, everything should fit like a glove, but we haven’t done it yet.

In case others want to know where is the project for the older BrickPi, here it is:

Thank you!


Actually, I was able to get your project BrowserBot to work so I have base to work from. I do not have a full Mindstorms set (I picked up an 18 lb box of mixed Lego at an antique doll & Toy show and motors & sensors via Bricklink) so it took a while to figure workarounds for the missing parts.

My issue now is not being able to run startx when I remote to the BrickPi3 to run a Scratch script; set up issue? Btw: The Scratch demo on your sight is excellent!