Simplebot project not found on github - gives 404 error

I purchased the BrickPi for my son for Christmas and all of the necessary lego parts for him to build the simplebot as his first project. I liked that there were build plans along with the code to get him started. I went to the project page for the simplebot and when I click on the link for the python code, I get a page not found message. Below is the link that is posted on that page. Is there another place where we can access the code for the project.

Hi @tmswaim,

Did you purchase a BrickPi3 or is it the older version you have got?

I’m asking because the project you’re trying to get to is for the older version of it. Anyway, Simplebot project has been moved onto the following page:

If it were to have a BrickPi3, then the projects you’d have to look on are these:

Thank you!

Thank you for your quick response! Yes, we have the BrickPi 3.