[SOLVED] Brickpi3 does not fit Rpi3

I’ve got BrickPi3 board and it is working fine and as expected. However I’ve come across a problem - it does not fit rpi3 board. When I am aligning it to be parallel to rpi3 the USB connectors come into the contact with plastic fixtures of BrickPi. I.e. either I should leave it skewed/almost bent or leave a ~1,5-2 mm gap in header connector. In the assembly instructions everything fits perfectly.
What may be I am doing something wrong?20180527_192123

The boards should be parallel, and there should be a small gap between the headers.

When assembled into the BrickPi3 case, the ports on the BP3 protruding into the cutouts in the acrylic, combined with the header connection, hold the BP3 in place.

Thank you, Matt. I just would like to reconfirm - the gap you see on the photo should be considered ok? It is about 1mm (perhaps a little less).

Yes, the gap in the photo is normal.

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