[SOLVED] Cannot Connect Wirelessly to Raspbian for Robots




I followed all of the steps to connect wirelessly to Raspbian for Robots. I am able to view and interact with the desktop when my ethernet is connected. I also have the wireless setup, and I am able to ping outside websites from the Raspberry Pi, and I am able to ping the Raspberry Pi from my PC laptop. But as soon as I disconnect the ethernet, I cannot open the desktop from the browser (but I can still ping the device from the PC).

PLEASE HELP! Thanks :slight_smile:


I am assuming you’re using http://dex.local as the address in the browser?
Is Bonjour installed?

When the Ethernet is connected, and you can reach the Pi, can you find out its wifi address?
Open a terminal and type in

you should have a section that starts with wlan0 and somewhere in that text there’s supposed to be an IP address. If there’s one, try using that instead of dex.local



It seems to be working now. Thanks :slight_smile:

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