[SOLVED] Cannot login in Terminal


Hello All,

I can remote in and connect to my GoPiGo using the VNC interface but when I login with the Terminal interface using the supplied login credentials, I receive an error that the login information is incorrect. The supplied credentials are Username: pi Password: raspberry.

Have the login credentials been hanged?



Hi Sparkx,
If you are using the latest Raspbian for robots image, then the credentials for logging in should be user:pi password: robots1234 . Can you try this out and let me know if it works for you.



Thanks Karan, this worked. The latest Raspbian for Robots image is listing the wrong password for terminal access.



Hey sparx,
Can you past the link to the documentation where you found the older password. We’ll update the documentation ASAP.



The login information displays when you remote in to the pi. I am guessing that this information is in the software image. I burned the latest, November 2015, image and this is what I am using.

I sent a link with the incorrect information listed in your browser streaming robot project on your web site in a separate topic posting.



Got it. We’ve updated it! Thanks Sparx! I think it was updated; when you login to dex.local, it used to give you the wrong password for the terminal. I think I’ve updated it now; should install when you run the update.

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