[Solved] Fitting LEGO Connector Pins Into the BrickPi3 Case


I have recently got a BrickPi and after I was done setting it up, I was ready to build.
The problem was, when I tried to put a connector pin into a hole in the case of the BrickPi, it wouldn’t fit. I was wondering whether or not this is a manufacturing problem or if this is supposed to happen. If it is a manufacturing problem, what should I do? Thanks you!

Will it fit into any of them? It also takes technique. Try this. Put the pin in the hole on a slight angle and wiggle around and push on the other side of the pin. Eventually It should go in. Don’t be afraid to use force.

By the way I also find it hard to put the pins in too. Dexter Ind could you make a better case?

Hello @404_Not_Found! Sorry to hear about the troubles, but I have some advice.

First, check out the assembly instructions here. The pins should be placed into the case first.

Second, when you place a pin, you’ll want to slide it in at an angle and press down. The pins have to compress to fit into the tight holes. The upside of this is that they will hold in the holes very well!

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