[SOLVED] IMU Sensor + PivotPi



It looks like the IMU sensor has an I2C connector; can it be plugged into the PivotPi with the provided cable? Will it have a distinct I2C device ID, so I can just peek and poke i2C registers over the bus? If so, where’s the best place to look for info on programming the sensor directly with i2C?

Thanks - Dan


Hi @DanielMGessel,

You can connect the IMU to the PivotPi and then have both of them show up on your Raspberry Pi just fine. Keep in mind that I2C can have up to 127 devices connected on the same line.

You should probably read the documentation for the IMU here:
And as for the PivotPi, I’d use the source code to figure what commands you can run:

Hope this is sufficient for you.

Thank you!


The PivotPi C code was a fantastic help and I’m very happy with the results! The 9865 Docs linked to in the source was also really useful. I’m looking for something similar for the IMU - hopefully all i’d Need is the device ID, register peek and poke info. Then I could wire it up and have C code that just works!

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