[SOLVED] No SPI response (stacking two BrickPis)

Hello Folks,

I have a setup where I stacked two BrickPi3 on top on my RaspberryPi 3, now the problem is when I try to give the BPs their adresses, the console prompts " No SPI response"

Even when I use only one BP, the assignation of the adresses doens’t work and it prompts me the same error.

Anybody else experienced this ?

Firmware on both of them is 1.4.6

Thanks in advance,


Hey there,

I swapped one of the BrickPis with another one and now it works :slight_smile:

problem solved

Hi @lofriedr,

Even though you figured this out, but for the sake of other readers or even for you, here’s a post on setting different addresses for the BrickPi:

I’m going to put a timer on this thread now.

Thank you!

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