[SOLVED] PivotPi Servo Controller Board with BrickPi3?

is the PivotPi Board comptible to the BrickPi3, and are there C(++) libs to control the servos?
If not, is there a different Servo Controller Board to work simultaneously with the BrickPi3 and with C(++)?

The PivotPi can be plugged into the BrickPi3 I2C grove port, and I can confirm that they work well together.

The PivotPi uses the popular PCA9685 PWM controller. There are several implementations of C/C++ drivers you can find searching Google, including the C drivers in the PivotPi repo.

thank you, I’ll try that pca9685 thing with wiringPi at github https://github.com/DexterInd/PivotPi/tree/master/Software/C you have linked to.
So I’ll order that Servo controller board and when I’ve received it then I will try!