[SOLVED] Raspberry Pi model B compatibility with the BrickPi


Just a single question, is it possible to use the BrickPi with the Raspberry 1 model B (GPIO header with 26 pins)?

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Hey Oscar, yes it absolutely will work with the latest versions of the Raspberry Pi.

We wrote a blog post about it here some time ago:



Hi John,

Sorry for the insistence, but the model B with a GPIO with 26 pins is not one of the latest versions but one of the oldest (I bought it 1 year ago). Is the BrickPi model that you currently ship backward compatible with this old model?

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Hey Oscar, no worries about the insistence. Yes, I understand what you’re referring to; it works with the model B.

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Years ago I bought an original BrickPi for the Raspberry Pi model B (26 pin version). I haven’t used it for years, but I want to blow the dust off it and git it going again. Does the latest Raspbian for Robots support the old Pi and BrickPi? If not is the original code somewhere accessible, like the github history?

Hi @rlj_maker,

Well, the original BrickPi/BrickPi+ no longer comes with Raspbian For Robots, but it should still work on it just fine.

The repository for the BrickPi/BrickPi+ is available here, on GitHub.

If you have any problems running it, please let us know about and we’ll have it addressed.

Just so you know, we created a different repository for the new BrickPi3, here, so that’s why you don’t have to look into the GitHub history:

Thank you!

Thanks Robert

I can confirm that the old BrickPi and Raspberry Pi model B still works. I took the latest version of Raspbian for Robots as my base OS, then I installed from the old GitHub site that you suggest. From there I was able run some of the Python 2 examples and successfully use a touch sensor. I prefer Python 3 so I went into the Dexter/BrickPi/software folder and found the BrickPi.py file then ran

python3 Setup.py install

and then I was able to read touch sensors and run a motor from Python 3 successfully.

Thanks again

That’s a victory for all of us then! Glad it works well for you.

Thank you!