[SOLVED] Raspbian for Robots, to enable VNC is not possible

Why is in settings not possible to set VNC enabled? I a work around existing?

Raspbian for Robots come with VNC already enabled. However it’s tightvncserver and not RealVNC which is the default on Raspbian.
The reason is that RealVNC doesn’t seem to be compatible with noVNC.

If you have Raspbian for Robots already you can connect to it via your browser. Use its IP address or dex.local or dex/ depending on your home setup.

If you prefer using a VNC app, then append :1 to the hostname. dex.local:1 for example.


Hi Cleo,
Thanks a lot for your helpful answer. It’s quite easy to vnc-connect to Raspy over the IP-Address and the provided “Launch VNC”.
Best regards,

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You’re welcome. Glad you like it!


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