[SOLVED] Raspbian for robots (v2018.06.01), red led and no ethernet lights or ping


I tried installing last image of “raspbian for robots” but can’t find a host (Led stays red, no ethernet indication). Tried installing “Dexter OS”, red led lights up and green led is blinking, ethernet connection also active (although no ping).

Can anyone help to get Raspbian for robots working (probably overlooking something?)


Hi @Applebaum,

Can you tell us what is the version of the Raspberry Pi that you’re using? DexterOS and Raspbian For Robots are based on the same image, so technically, both of them ought to be working.

Maybe the flashing process of the SD card was unsuccessful. Did you use Etcher for flashing the card - this tool is pretty robust because it also runs a verification process after it has burned it.

Thank you!

Hi @RobertLucian,

I used etcher, both where verificated, and succesfully flashed at the end.