[SOLVED] RfR does not work for brickPi

Some days ago I downloaded Raspbian for Robots, installed it and started to play with it. But my brick didn’t work. Faulty brickpi? No, all was fine after inserting the old and trusted 2014 image…
It took me two days but now I found it: there is a post hidden somewhere in the howtow section, that I have to disable IR com.

Folks! Really?

I mean, if it is mandatory, please mention it in the “Beta testers wanted” post! Don’t hide it at a place that I only visit by chance.

For ME, RfR seems not to be a good idea. There is too many stuff stuffed into it. I would like to keep the footprint small, so my plan in the moment is to download the raspian lite image and git-get the brickpi setup onto it. All I want is a ssh connection and a shell. No fancy X and all that graphics stuff. But, again, that is only MY opinion, I think for school and play the RfR may be a nice playground.

Now my question is: If I start with raspian lite, git the brickpi stuff - is there anything I need to do afterwards? Or should it work more or less out of the box?

(Just to say: brickpi is sheer fun anyway… :slight_smile: )



Hi Michael, thanks for the heads up. I will be updating the software shortly so that the default position doesn’t need to be reset. Sorry this cost you some time.

You can install brickpi software on your own lighter edition if you’d like. We only recommend this for more advanced users; you may end up doing a little troubleshooting with this method.

You should clone the BrickPi directory to your intended install SD card (https://github.com/DexterInd/BrickPi/)

Then run this specific script (https://github.com/DexterInd/BrickPi/blob/master/Setup%20Files/install.sh)

I’d like to hear how this goes for you.


Hi John,

thank you for your support!

I downloaded the new raspbian jessie light, installed it, connected it to my wifi and updated everything. Then I git-cloned the brickpi stuff and made an image of the SD card, just in case I had to go back. I used your setup.sh, although I didn’t see a difference from that in the git repsoitory. I used you setup guide to make sure all neede files are changed but in /etc/ there is no inittab…?

After a reboot I git-cloned the BrickPi_C stuff to have something to play with. LED works, LEGO Touch works, LEGO Motor works. Even Dexter-theGyro works. :slight_smile:

So I have a footprint of less then 1GB, the system and the ssh response is FAST, and I am happy. And if I want to play big I use RfR.



Michael, really great to know thanks for letting us know! We hope to upgrade everything to Jessie soon. We’ve had trouble doing it automatically and will probably have to upgrade the entire Operating System.

So it runs faster now?