[SOLVED] Web/online GoPiGo control

I made GoPiGo LANweb instant control project and it is very good I think. But I want to make ONLINE gopigo control system on my next project.How to make GoPiGo Online control system anywhere that I am?Very simple solution is good for me,Plz explain step by step include any hints.Now my network about GoPiGo connected by wi-fi.

Hi @rikemumu55,

You would need the following:

  1. A web service (that’s another term for HTTP server) or a TCP server for controlling your GoPiGo robot through the use of networks. I’d go with a web service because then you can actuate your robot with GET/POST statements - terribly useful when doing all this from a web page.

  2. ngrok for exposing a local server to the internet. This is a really cute technology to use and it’s also simple.

Using a web service requires you to select one of the following frameworks:

  1. Django - Python framework with a batteries included philosophy - it means you can work as a full-stack developer on this project. It’s an object-oriented open-source project.

  2. Flask - Python microframework - it’s going to get your job done - not such a good choice for developing complex projects. For instance, it doesn’t generate an interface for admin automatically, just as Django does.

  3. Express - NodeJS framework - it’s going to be simple to create a web server and get things done really fast. It’s async by-design, so the development gets to be a lot easier. It’s scalable. It’s one of the best ways of to get things done (on the backend stuff).

  4. Bottle - Python microframework - very similar to Flask. Since this framework limits you write code in one file, the best microframework between Bottle and Flask is hands-down Flask.

Hope all these suggestions are going to help you go on your quest.
If there are any other questions you might have, please don’t hesitate to ask us.

Thank you!

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@rikemumu55 I’d like to list another alternative. @RobertLucian had some very good suggestions, as usual! :slight_smile: However there is a much simpler way, but it has its cons too, so think about it.

Instead of creating a web app app like Robert mentioned you can use your own program online. This can be done through remote access. There are two main ways to do this.

  • SSH - SSH allows remote access to a terminal. With SSH X-Forwardig you can even run GUI programs.
  • VNC - VNC is basically software that lets you remotely access the desktop of a computer.

Now normally these methods don’t work outside your network, but regardless they can be used outside your network.

SSH is a great option mostly because if all you need is a terminal, you’ll in theory get a much faster connection then through VNC. However I am not an exact expert on how it can be accessed online…

Probably he easiest option would be VNC.
Your best bet would be VNC Connect. It lets your easily without advanced configuration access your pi anywhere in the world. You can learn more here:

Word of Caution

All of this sounds great, but remember having a device open for remote connections online is a security risk. So make sure your password is very, very, very, Very, good. Just be aware of that? Though with a good password you should be fine!

The advantage of the way Robert mentioned is probably higher security, and faster response. The advantage of he ways I mentioned are simply it’s simplicity.

Thx for reply!very good moment!

Hi @rikemumu55,

Can we close the thread now?
Do you think there are any other questions related to this matter?

Thank you!

OK now I agree that! Thx so much.