Ssh login credentials for DexterIndustries Raspbian image?

Maybe I’m blind, but I’m having trouble figuring out credentials so I can login to my pi setup. I’m using the Dexter Industries Raspbian image, and I can connect using RealVNC as directed in the setup video.

Not sure if there is a default password, but using the VNC viewer I was able to start a terminal and run run raspi-config ( as suggested at the thread on expanding your diskspace ) and noticed there is a ‘change user password’ option.

nm - it’s fine. diskspace wasn’t expanded, but username is good so I can shell in instead of VNC. yay for babysteps.

Hey ivar,
This is outlined here:

Login credentials for ssh are pi/raspberry and credentials for VNC is “raspberr”

So, my question back: is there a better place to put this information to make it easier for people to find?

Whoops. On the page with the getting started video I didn’t realize the links were to seperate pages. For some reason I thought they were bookmarks into the youtube video. Looking at the links now I don’t know how I thought that, but things are a bit clearer now.