Suddenly problems with BrickPi & Firmware

Hi, :slight_smile:

suddenly I got a problem with the firmware of the BrickPi.
I ran the with the command sudo python in the Sensor_Examples Folder but nothing happened. The cpu load was higher (25%) for the next 30 seconds. Then the Motors moved.

When I run the (for my EV3 Ultrasonic Sensor) nothing happend too. After long wait neither.

The LED-Test works fine.

And when I run following is the output:
set up sensor returns: -1 and i have to wait very long.

The strange thing is, that all worked fine before… :unamused:

I hope someone can help! Thank You in advance! :grinning:

It sounds like failed communication between the Raspberry Pi and BrickPi. What changed since it was working? Did you update the firmware? Did you update the software?

Do you have the Brickpi plugged into its batteries? That could be the problem. Maybe it wiggled and got loose and the connection is bad.

Thanks @Matt @graykevinb for answering!

I updated my Raspbian-System of my Raspberry Pi. First I thought that was the point.

But I have solved the problem. Like @graykevinb described, it could be that the the cable wasn’t inserted right.
Anyway, I turned off all devices and disconnected the batteries and the other cables and tried it again. Then it worked! :slight_smile::grinning:

Thanks anyway for your help! Have a good weekend! :relaxed:

Awesome! :grinning: Glad its working. You too! Have fun with your brickpi! If you make anything I’d love to see your robot.