System rebooting

Hey everyone. Quick question, everytime the motor spins it causes the whole raspberry pi to reboot. am i doing something wrong? I used the motor test python script as well as playing around with the simplebot script. any ideas why this is happening?

Hey vrahimis, could it be a power problem?

Maybe you can try this, and let us know how it goes: can you power the BrickPi with whatever you’re powering it with, but also power the Raspberry Pi with a decent USB micro source (maybe 1A or better). If it works with the wall power, it’s probably your power supply. You either need to find better batteries, or try one of the other configs we’ve got on our intro site.

I tried different options for the power, ended up using a 10V adapter to have steady power to the system but it still reboots. I will try powering the RPi as well later and post my findings
Thanks :slight_smile:

Have you tried to just plug in the micro hdmi for power and see if it turns on?