The BrickPi3 Firmware License

Hello Dexter Industries!
The BrickPi3 was a solid release. However the firmware code being​ closed was a huge disappointment to me. It could also be quite limiting to the EV3Dev project making more features work with the BrickPi3. :frowning: I was hoping to add more features, fix bugs, etc, but none of that is possible. So I’d like to request that you would consider the code being released; not just the binary. Regardless the BrickPi3 is still cool! :smiley:

@dlech @Shane.gingell @HaWe @JohnC


Hey @graykevinb thanks for all you said about the BrickPi3! Indeed, @Matt did a fantastic job with the redesign and we’re really happy it seems to have knocked out a lot of the things we wanted to improve on the BrickPi+.

Unfortunately at this time we’re not releasing the firmware to be open. However, we promise to be in the future (and hope we have been in the past) super responsive to feature improvement requests and bug issues. Thanks!

OK. Thanks for reading it though! :slight_smile: @matt is also a life save when it comes to bugs with motors! If you don’t know what I mean take a look at the closed github issues! But glad your open to new improvements to it!