The Scratch program won't stop, even if I click the red button of "Stop Everything""

Here is the problem: I am not able to stop the Scratch program after I click the green button. It keeps running even though I clicked the “stop everything” red bottom multiple times. What is the problem here? Thank you.

Hello @tianming.liu

Can you give us details of what your Scratch program looks like?

The Scratch program is a simple for-ever motor movement loop. Please see the attached picture: when clicking the “stop everything” bottom, it won’t stop the loop. The motor keep moving and is not responding to the “stop everything” bottom.

Thank you.


Could you share a screenshot of the program itself? I have an inkling this is due to looping too fast, but I can’t say without seeing the program. Adding a Wait block for 0.1 second before you loop will most likely help you.


thank you. sorry that I am on travels now and do not have a screenshot. but we will try out your suggestion.