Topic and forum navigation extremely confusing by navigation and user action menus


The forum’s topic navigation is extremely confusing by navigation menus.
In a topic I can scroll through the topics, but everything is completely confused by the overlayed menu information and tools at the right window side, which overlap with the topic posts essentially and make them utterly unreadable and even unusuable.
e.g., it’s partly impossible to re-edit a post (even the last one) , then it’s not clearly visible at what time the posts have been written originally, and furthermore there is no navigation to different topics and subforums possible from either topic.
Some dedicated navigation links would be helpful
(e.g., links as well at the top and at the bottom of each topic or subforum:
move to top/start, move to bottom/end, move 1 directory level ahead, move to the forum root )

and also an information caption
(author, date, time, edit how many times, edit last time)
and an action bar
(reply, reply with quote, edit + delete own post)
would be highly appreciated.

Both phpbb and vBulletin and even MyBB forums do that already quite this way, and finally very conveniently.


This is Discourse running, and I get what you mean. Discourse is a love/hate thing, person to person. It’s good in the sense that its responsive and fast loading, and more updated than phpBB. It’s also less server side work, as phpBB does mostly everything on the server, while some actions on Discourse are taken out client side.

In my opinion, I like XenForo as it is based on phpBB and is faster and more updated and changable. But like I said, Discourse has its reasons, and its stabily setup on these servers, so they have no reason to change. Discourse when self hosted is also free, so theres that bonus.


Thanks for correcting me. yes it is Discourse.


can you please disable the overlapping superimposed menu bar at the right side? it is really confusing and annoying because the editor and navigation functions are totally messed up and the access is mutually prevented!


Hi @HaWe,

That’s actually a good suggestion.
It has also bugged me for some time.

@JohnC, what do you think?
How do you feel about this?

Thank you!


The thing blocked the like button. :slight_smile:


Yep, been there a while now. We need to get our CSS expert on it to have a look about why it’s blocking everything. Thanks for the reminder.