Troubleshooting a BrickPi Advanced


I started playing with my BrickPi last weekend, but have basic issues talking to regular mindstorm sensors (touch, ultrasonic) using the Python API.

Setup: BrickPi Advanced, Raspberry Pi rev B (which I had already), using the Dexter Industries image from 2014.06.13 on my own SD. The board is only powered via USB from the RPi.

I enabled debugging in, and ran I get a continuous stream of

BrickPiRxError : -2
BrickPiRxError : -2
BrickPiRxError : -2
Retry Failed

I also noticed that the board is fairly hot (despite not driving any motor or anything).

Any hints on how to further debug this?


Quick questions back:
When you say the board is hot, is the Pi hot or the BrickPi?
How are you powering the BrickPi? You say the Pi is powered by USB, but is the BrickPi powered at all?

The BrickPi gets hot. I don’t have it handy right now so I can’t tell you exactly which parts, but around the GPIO pins I believe.

Only the Pi gets a power input (USB), the BrickPi is not powered.

Thanks for your help!

Do the LED’s work at all?

If the Pi or the BrickPi are getting hot, it sounds like something is getting shorted on the Pi or the BrickPi. Can you contact us through here
and we’ll try to setup a replacement for the BrickPi.