Trying to understand BrickPi3’s network connectivity options


I’ve received my BrickPi board today, and I am trying to understand its networking.

When I go through the following instructions, it seems that BrickPi3’s Raspbian For Robots does not get an IP address from my router like ev3dev does. Instead, BrickPi3’s OS acts as a DHCP server and expects that my PC get an IP address from BrickPi3’s DHCP server:

If my understanding explained above is correct, then I need to disconnect my PC ethernet cable from my home network and connect it to BrickPi3’s network. That means I won’t have internet while I am working with BrickPi3. The approach is very productive since I like to have internet access while I program.

Is there any way to have BrickPi3 joins my home’s router network so I can connect to it with any PC or laptop connected to my router?

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Did you check your router admin page to see if your BrickPi got an address from your router when the cable is connected to the router? If so open a browser and try that IP address
xx.xx.xx.xx ( don’t think you can use ssl/https )

If you have WiFi available, this is my WiFi setup steps:

=== Mount the card on PC/Mac

  • (if just flashed the card, pull out, then re-insert)

=== Enable SSH

  • create file called “ssh” (or ssh.txt) in the Boot partition

=== Setup WiFi Headless

  • create the file wpa_supplicant.conf
    (quote chars must be straight up/down, traditional, not slanted/matched Unicode chars)
ctrl_interface=DIR=/var/run/wpa_supplicant GROUP=netdev